How this Chapter is Organized

Before you go hunting for the energy information you want, peruse this clickable guide so that you can get a sense of how we’ve laid out this section of Blueprint for a Green School.

Upload Knowledge-- Your source of educational resources to understand the basic physics of energy, how renewable energy works, and generally become informed enough to understand the conservation guides and on-site renewable energy source guides that we’ll point you to in Take Some Action and Go the Extra Mile.
  1. Basics of how energy works and electricity is produced
  2. Basics of climate change
    • Including how to calculate your school’s carbon emissions
  3. How the various energy producing technologies work, including pros and cons of each one, starting with renewable energy sources:
  4. And controversial energy sources being touted as clean:
    Standard Non-renewable energy sources:
    Some other upcoming technologies for energy generation, transportation, and storage:
  5. What are energy audits and how can they help you?
  6. Why conservation and clean energy are important
  7. Energize Students with Energy!
    • Through involving them in school-wide energy projects
      Through energy curriculum & fun activities

Take Some Action-- Your guide for taking the first-steps toward improving energy use at your school no matter how big or small your plans are. For schools that only want to invest minimal time, human energy, and money toward improvements, this is the section for you.
  1. How to conduct an energy audit
    • Macro Audits
      Micro Audits
      Audits that generate recommended solutions
  2. Tips for conserving energy and buying energy-efficient products
  3. Improvements you can make by upgrading infrastructure such as HVAC systems, special day-lighting windows, automatic lights, etc.
  4. Ins and outs of buying greener energy from a utility company

Go the Extra Mile— Your guide for making a big difference in your school’s energy use and planning long-term goals.

  1. Planning & Financing for an on-site renewable energy source
  2. Organizations that will help you with planning, implementation, and benchmarks for a renewable energy system
  3. The particulars of investing in an on-site renewable energy source at your school:
  4. Renewable Energy as a component of a green building