Recycling & Waste Management

Recycling or Properly Disposing Toxics - Take Some Action

When it comes to everything from old cleaning chemicals to paints to batteries, the way you dispose of hazardous material not only affects the environment’s health, but the health of you and your students.

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We describe many ways to handle and dispose of toxic substances in your school in our Hazardous Waste Section of our Environmental Health Chapter.

Always follow this general rule of thumb: When In Doubt, Don’t Throw it Out!

As you’ll see in our Hazardous Waste Section, there are actually many ways to recycle toxics, but if you ever have trouble finding an appropriate facility or program, check out Earth911’s searchable database of recycling and disposal centers. All you need to do is type in your zip code and the type of item you want to get rid of and they’ll show you the closest facilities!