Recycling & Waste Management

Ecycling is Easy - Take Some Action

Recycling includes a lot more than bottles, cans, and paper these days. You can also E-cycle! But what the heck is E-cycling? It’s recycling electronic items like computers, printers, cell phones, radios, and other devices.

Still Creek Recycling Depot by Squeaky Marmot. Some rights reserved.

Many businesses and recycling programs accept your old electronic items. We list a few places below. But, if you have trouble finding a program that works best for you, then check out E-cycling Central’s clickable map of the United States to find a recycling home for your electronics. Or, check out the EPA’s list of even more e-cycling programs and businesses.

Computers & Computer Things
  • Staple’s stores accept computers and related equipment, such as monitors, laptops, printers and smaller things like mice. Small items are free to recycle, but for larger items, they charge a $10 processing fee.

  • Dell’s computer equipment recycling program guarantees to recycle any of its own computer equipment, free of charge. They also will recycle any brand of used computer or printer with the purchase of a new Dell computer or printer.
Cell Phones, Pagers, & PDAs—
  • Many great organizations recycle them for good causes. CollectiveGood allows you to choose a charity you want to benefit and then asks you to mail the item to…

  • Collective Good
    4508 Bibb Boulevard, Suite B-10
    Tucker, GA 30084.

  • Call to Protect recycles your old cell phones by giving them to domestic violence organizations.

  • Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. recycles old phones and gives some of their proceeds to charities.

  • Many police stations also recycle cell phones, pagers, and PDAs.

  • Finally, if you have a newer model, sometimes you can recycle them for money through (1-800-503-8026).
  • If you search by your zip code on Earth911, you can usually find local businesses and programs that accept batteries. But if you have trouble finding one, these places are usually good bets…

  • Batteries Plus stores accept all batteries (1-800-677-8278).

  • Walgreens stores also accept most old batteries.

  • RadioShack and Office Depot recycle the type of batteries found in laptops, wireless phones, cordless power tools, camcorders, digital cameras, and radio controlled toys for free.

  • accepts rechargeable batteries.

  • As a last resort, you can mail old batteries to Battery Solutions (1-800-852-8127) where they recycle them for 85 cents per pound.
Other Random Electronics
  • Staple’s stores accept many different kinds of e-waste, including computers, monitors, laptops, desktop printers, faxes, keyboards, mice, and speakers. All brands are accepted and didn’t have to be purchased at Staples. Large equipment is charged a fee of $10, and small equipment like keyboards and speakers are accepted for free.