Welcome to The Center for Environmental Education

Global warming is a force that is shaping our future.

CEE works with K-12 schools to address climate change issues and to cultivate healthy lifestyles. Children learn best through experience. If their schools are green, children will learn to live that way.

Blueprint for a Green School is an online resource for addressing environmental health and lowering carbon emissions. Select a topic and begin moving towards change. Move through three levels: 'Upload Knowledge', 'Take Some Action,' and 'Go the Extra Mile' – transforming your school one step at a time.

The Curriculum Library, a feature of the Blueprint for a Green School, hosts a searchable collection of reviewed curriculum. All of the entries have been evaluated by trained educators and mapped onto the North American Association for Environmental Education's Guideline for Excellence.

The Services of the Center for Environmental Education can help you integrate your building and grounds into the lives of the people who learn, work, or play there. We can help you highlight the sustainable aspects of your facility and bring its green qualities to the forefront.